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The best in hair care and attention to detail.

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Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 9.05.17 AM.png concept Philosophy

The philosophy behind every concept™ hair care and color product is to bring hair back to its natural state. From care and styling to bleach and hair color, our products go further to treat and condition hair. Our secret? The right combination of natural ingredients and the latest innovations in hair care and hair color technology.

milk_shake Lifestyling!

Whatever your style, whatever your life, milk_shake Lifestyling will help you create an infinite variety of looks, define, give hold and transform hair in just a few, simple steps.  A new and glamorous styling product range created to satisfy the demands of hairdressers as well as client styling needs.  The range contains active ingredients that have been selected for their targeted action and long-lasting effect of the hair.

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milk_shake Integrity Reconstruction System

The innovative reconstruction system that restores the hair’s essential

components to give back its maximum beauty potential.

There are many causes that alter the structure of the hair fibre: aggressive chemical treatments, the excessive use of heated tools, the sun, and environmental aggressors. When the hair appears weak, dull and fragile, it tends to break easily.

 This targeted treatment is needed to repair and strengthen the resistance of the hair fibre.  milk_shake® integrity reconstruction system is a new generation of products that act on the core of damaged hair via a specific technology that reconstructs the hair in two steps:

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